Facebook's new homepage features a login form on the top right for existing users and a registration form directly underneath for new visitors.

Facebook users may choose to join one or more networks, organized by city, workplace, school, and region. These networks help users connect with members of the same network. Users can also connect with friends, giving them access to their friends' profiles.

The website is free to users, but generates revenue from advertising. This includes banner ads. Users can create profiles including photos and lists of personal interests, exchange private or public messages, and join groups of friends. By default, the viewing of detailed profile data is restricted to users from the same network and "reasonable community limitations".

Microsoft is Facebook's exclusive partner for serving banner advertising,and as such Facebook only serves advertisements that exist in Microsoft's advertisement inventory. According to comScore, an internet marketing research company, Facebook collects as much data from its visitors as Google and Microsoft, but considerably less than Yahoo!.[46]

how to register on facebook

Facebook adalah Sebuah website yang bagus Facebook is a good website

cara Mendaftar Facebook Sign up way Facebook

Langkah pertama The first step

open website facebook http://facebook.com or click here Sign Up

Langkah Kedua Second Step

List of Background on Facebook / Facebook page

Step three

All contents of data as needed

after that you are verification Facebook.

Sign in how the email that you register for the facebook.

Once you can officially become a member of facebook.

My facebook

add my facebook in


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