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Aki (or AKI) may refer to:

- (Japanese: 安芸) is the name of several places in Japan:
- Aki, Kochi, a city in Kochi Prefecture
- Aki District, Kochi, a district in Kochi Prefecture
- Aki province, an old province in the Western part of Honshū, part of what is today Hiroshima Prefecture.
- Aki District, Hiroshima, a district in Hiroshima Prefecture
- Age District, Mie, a district in Mie Prefecture (different romanization, but same Japanese name)
- Aki, Ōita, a town in Ōita Prefecture
- Aki is also a common Japanese, Finnish and Nigerian first name
- In Japanese, aki means Autumn
- Anti Knock Index in relation with petrol, see octane rating
- Academie voor Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving is a college-level art school in Enschede, The Netherlands which is part of the ArtEz group of visual and preforming arts colleges.
- Aki refers to the Fall Grand Sumo Tournament held in Tokyo, Japan every year in September
- Adnkronos international (AKI), Italian news agency



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